Friday, January 04, 2019

My Allegiant Air TRAVEL TIPS

I'm super excited to be headed to the great state of NY today. Even the NY weather can't keep me away ❄️🌨💨🌬🌦 *notice my optimistic approach to add the partly sunny imogee. LOL. Anyways, a few pointers for all of you in SW Fla headed out on Allegiant Air.
1. the cabbies here are a rip off. RSW airport is no more than 15 mins south of PGD and the cab driver wanted 70.00 oneway to take me there. I was just curious actually. But when I resisted, he said " well how much do you want to pay". I mean really? My response was " Clearly nothing since I'm flying out of here. LOL
2. PGD Punta Gorda Airport has GREAT WIFI! Thank you Jesus!
3. Allegiant is the only carrier flying out of here but they really have a nice line up of cities they fly to go to (cheap tickets $68.00 oneway was my airfare today)
4 The checkin line was long to check luggage but went quickly 
5. Allegiant charges for everything including a boarding pass so make sure you print it from home or load their app. It's $5.00 if you don't
6 Pack light. I watched an attendant make a dude pull jeans out for 1 lbs over 40lbs.
7. You're allowed 1 personal item for free. Everything else you will pay for.
8. Checkin on line 24 hour prior. I did and they gave me a middle seat at the back of the plan. Um! NO!!!!! I paid 13.00 and selected a +Legroom Seat in the front
My youngest gasp when I said I was flying the friendly skies with Allegiant Air. Well, I'm up for an adventure always. Watch for more on my blog.
I am here to send you to paradise. I specialize in Destination Weddings, Romance Travel and Luxury Travel Experiences. Don't wait! Your friends are making their reservations ~ Why aren't YOU!


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