Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jamaica - Something for everyone #OneLove♡

I am very excited to be entering into the blogging world. I'll be enlightening you on many different types of travel experiences including my own. I'm excited to be sharing with you many of my most favorite destinations.

FIRST BLOG:   It's actually not the flight day, but I'm just bring the blog up so you're going to get day 1,2& 3 all in one.  
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DAY 1 - Jamrock /flight/travel day.
Leaving for the Caribbean from the West Coast of Florida is challenging if you don't know how to get there, thus why you need a Travel Professional too guide you along the way, every step of the way. NO, I don't have a fee & YES, it's a very smart move to use a Travel Agent/Destination Wedding Specialist for all of your travel needs. (ME-YTCNaples.com) 

If you are in the Ft.Myers area, I strongly suggest a drive to Ft. Lauderdale where you can catch many airlines to the Caribbean and so many have direct, nonstop flights.  

I'm flying Caribbean Airlines today. I always recommend a 24hrs prior airline checkin online. Seat selection with most airlines is done at this time. CAREFUL, some airlines charge for baggage and so many have set rules that will cost you money if you aren't aware. Make sure you are in the know before you go.  Caribbean Airlines in economy class offers 1 checked bag 50lbs or less for free and 1 carryone with an additional personal item.  CAREFUL - weigh your carryon. If it's overweight you will have to pay for an additional checked piece or at the checkin counter they will ask you to transfer items from bag to bag. They made me transfer 6lbs from carryon into checked bag. Whatever you do save SpiritAir for a last resort. Its usually a bad experience.
The flight from FLL/Ft. Lauderdale to MBJ, Montego Bay is approximately 1hr 22 mins. Jamaica does not observe daylight savings time so it's an hour earlier on the island.

Arrival into MBJ, Montego Bays Sangsters International is much quicker with the VIP Club MoBay arrival meet & greet. I highly recommend and recommend to my YTCNaples.com clients to purchase the bundle package for $80.00 per person to include arrival meet and the VIP departure lounge.

Most vacationers won't need JMD as the Jamaicans LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the USD but if you need JMD exchange a small amount at the airport. The exchange rates was 104jmd to 1.00usd, HORRIBLE. You should be getting 128.00 for 1.00

One you arrive you proceed the immigrations and then to the baggage area where you will be collecting your bag. Once you have your bags you then proceed  to customs with your arrival form and then out into the arrivals corridor. Taxi drivers and transfer companies are all looking for business so be aware.  Stop at the Groovy Grouper for a redstripe and head out. If you are a Sandals Guest you will turn left and find the arrivals lounge. Check in with the agent and head inside for a Redstripe (the local beer).

September is extremely hot in Jamaica. It cools at night and days expect a rain shower here and there. This is a blessing from God actually as the heat of the day requires some cool down.

Day 2 - Jamaica Flex and some work. I love my down time here were the country is much like where I grew up in upstate Western New York with the hills, valleys and streams (lakes in NY). Here its rolling hills, green grass (well a different type here, LOL), and definitely a cultural experience. If you don't know the locals, ask me and I'll line you up with a driver who will enlighten you with some true, raw Jamaica. 
Sorry - I haven't figured out how to add pictures as of yet but dinner was Fried Mackerel fish with onions & scotch bonnet pepper (a Jamaican hot pepper).
Im truly blessed to have lovely friends on the island to embrace & visit with.

Next day - up late as Jamaica life is just that. It's much like Miami where you go out at Midnight and stay out till the wee hours. I simply was enjoying time with my someone special and time slipped away. The island has a lot of building going on. Homes going up all over. Today, much of the same; breakfast - Coffee & Spice Bun (no cheese - watching my waistline& cholesterol), after breakfast a quick run to the hardware store and back home to fence in the fruit trees that the goats keep eating.
:) I do love Jamaica.
combo lunch & dinner consisted Curry Chicken & Rice (cooked with island spices, garlic & carrot). Chris baby, you never cease to amaze me with your cooking.
I'm off to work a bit more. Evening Netflix and tomorrows a new day.
Maybe a 7 mile BEACH DAY. Time will tell

 DAY 4 in Jamrock. I woke to cool weather today. Compared to the last 3 it feels frigid and its only dropped to 75 degrees. Blessed to be feeling the Jamaican breezes today. It’s a quiet day as the rain is here and clouds,  look as though they won’t clear today which is quite fine with me.  The goats did their normal pass today already making already. 1 pass in the am – and they pass back about 5p with their GPS on to head home, wherever that is.   Im not sure where they go to graze but the smell of goat is in the air. LOL.

Well, it’s the last day before my Sandals Homebased Conference and I’m taking advantage of the quiet time as the next 5 days will be extremely busy with site inspections of all of the local Sandals & Beaches Resorts. I make it my job to keep up with all that’s new within the Sandals Resorts. These resorts have experienced so much change in the last year and change is good, as they say!

A side note: on arrival if you find yourself headed in a taxi over to the S. Coast (Whitehouse area), the driver may make a bathroom stop (1/2 way) at Boarder Jerk. Don’t just make it a bathroom stop, but talk to the locals and get some boarder JERK Chicken or Pork. They both are amazing, as is their festival (fried sweet bread) and soup of the day, whatever that shall be. I’ve never had anything bad at this food stop (potty break for some), and the prices are good. 11.00 for ½ chicken, 2 sides and soup. $6.00 for 2 redstripes and a icool fruit punch.

Need to get in a few hours of work now!

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